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Between cougar dating and setting up a sugar mummy relationship, a lot of younger guys and mature women may be wondering how to define the relationship, where you can go to set up a relationship like this, and what some of the best sugar momma apps can be to start. 

In this article we’ll help tell you everything you need to know about getting started with sugar momma dating, both as a sugar mama and as a sugar baby. This includes definitions, where to start, tips for succeeding, and how to avoid being scammed. Read on to learn more!

What are sugar baby and sugar momma relationships?

Sugar mommies are wealthy women, often mature women, who hookup with younger men and arrange relationships with them that often, but not always, involve exchanging certain favors for monetary or material goods. 

Sometimes these favors can also be immaterial, like building better connections between you and someone who can help raise you up in your career, or putting you in touch with elite social circles. 

It’s actually identical to sugar daddy dating, where an older, more financially well-off person arranges a relationship with someone younger. This can be as a way to feel young again, to live out fantasies now that they can afford it, or to have an affair with someone on the side

Keep in mind that these types of relationships aren’t your usual one-off flings that you have on Tinder. There’s more nuance and depth to this kind of relationship than there is a simple one-night stand. 

The key word here is “arrangements”, so think of it like a contract between two consenting adults that benefits both parties. 

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How and where to find a sugar mummy near me

If you are looking for dating mature women, whether it’s for a hookup or for a serious relationship, you can always try local wine bars, clubs, or lounges to see if you can meet them there. However, your best bet for local sugar mamas is through online dating sites.

Whether you want to try from the comfort of your own home or through your android or iOS on your iPhone, finding this kind of specific niche dating is best done in a setting where all users are looking for an arrangement between younger men and older women. 

Younger guys will obviously want to make it clear what they can offer an older woman for compensation when they set up their profiles, and older women will need to make it clear that they’re willing to negotiate or offer something up in return. 

Of course, sometimes sex is all that’s asked for or needed, but for a true sugar momma situation there needs to be something that goes alongside sex. In either case, negotiate an arrangement before you two engage in any sort of transaction. 

Best sugar momma dating apps and websites

Naturally, you’re going to want to focus on a dating website that exclusively offers up connections between young men and older women dating. You can rely on a generic service like Adult Friend Finder or BeNaughty, but require extra work when you set up your account. 

These are exclusive services for sugar dating that we would recommend: 

  • Seeking Arrangement – Seeking Arrangement is an American sugar baby, sugar daddy and Sugar momma dating website with over 20 million members around the world. Users can set up their ideal arrangement in their profile and make matches based on location and other preferences. 
  • Sudy – Sudy is an elite matchmaking service that connects sugar babies with either sugar mommies or daddies for mutually beneficial, exciting relationships. The service is available through the app store as a user-friendly app to boot. 
  • Cougar Life – Cougar Life is especially designed for connecting you with MILFs, cougars, and older women who generally want to set up an arrangement with younger guys. It’s available via apps and through their website. 

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Tips on how to succeed and get a sugar momma to stick with you

For a user base of young men who are maybe new to dating older, attractive rich women, something like a sugar momma dating site can feel a little intimidating. Fortunately, here are some quick tips on how you can date a MILF successfully for your own Sugar dating setup: 

  • Treat her with the respect that she deserves, and don’t act out of line. Because she is the one supporting you here, make sure that she’s satisfied with your performance and the way you are treating her. 
  • Make sure that both you and her uphold your own ends of the arrangement that the two of you set up at the start of the sugar dating relationship. If you or her starts to demand more than what was agreed on, you either need to renegotiate the terms of your relationship or cut off ties then and there. 
  • If she is married and wants to keep her relationship with you private, make sure you are discreet and avoid any bull-horn statements about it on social media and the like. Also make sure that you meet up only in situations and locations she prefers. 
  • Feel free to act your age. You’re a young guy and you should be able to flaunt that. After all, she’s attracted to you for that reason, and reminding her of it can work well for you. 
  • Take your time with the relationship and don’t build your expectations about it turning into something romantic. While it is possible, you should be realistic about what’s going on between the two of you. 
  • Communicate your boundaries and also respect hers. Maybe you’re not open for a physical relationship and that should be absolutely fine. Just be sure to communicate openly with your sugar mama and also respect when too far is too far for her.

How to avoid being scammed on sugar momma dating apps

Sugar mummy dating is like any other service on a dating platform prone to being hit by scams and other cons that can cost you money, either as a sugar baby or a sugar daddy. There’s fortunately a few things you can do about it as you date to keep yourself safe: 

  • Never give your private information, financial information or money, or any sort of security information like passwords to anyone you have so far only met online. Wait until you’ve met in person to begin arranging how transactions will work between you two. 
  • Don’t begin a relationship with someone until you’ve set up how you want to enjoy the company of one another and can commit to it. Make sure you both hold up your end of the bargain before continuing. With that said, there’s nothing wrong with a one-night stand or friends-with-benefits if that’s all it is going to be. 
  • If you are doing the relationship online, make sure that they pay you before giving them any sort of photos or other material. Be aware of how checking scams work and how you can stay safe. Don’t be afraid to go to the website’s security or even the police if you think you might be targeted by a scammer. 

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FAQ about Sugar Mummy dating

There’s a lot to know about sugar momma websites, but as long as you don’t rush into a relationship and take the time to get to know your sugar momma ahead of time, which includes agreeing to the terms of your relationship, then you are on the right road. 

However, we’ve nevertheless answered some of the most frequently asked questions for you to help out. 

What is the difference between Sugar daddy dating and sugar momma dating? 

There isn’t really a difference between the two outside of how people may view the relationship. Generally though, the only actual difference is that a sugar daddy is an older, wealthier man and a sugar momma is an older, wealthier woman. 

Of course, they don’t always have to be older, but they most often are. Sugar babies can also be either men or women who have a relationship with a sugar daddy or a sugar mommy. 

How much do sugar mummys pay?

There is no fixed price or set of goods a sugar momma will pay or give you, as they each do it in different ways and you can make your own negotiated arrangements with her. An average price should be enough to keep you living comfortably, around $3000 a month. 

Is being a sugar baby illegal?

No, especially as this is both an agreement between two consenting adults and it is typically a long-term agreement. This does not break the law, even if it may feel like it is in a gray area. After all, many relationships have partners who exchange gifts or do each other favors. 

How to tell if your sugar momma is scamming you?

First and foremost, if you suspect that your sugar momma isn’t holding up their end of the bargain, or is refusing to send you what you agreed on, then be wary of the relationship and don’t give her anything until she gives you what she agreed to. 

Do some research on how check scams work. Essentially this is when a fake cashier’s check is sent and the scammer asks you to wire back funds to cover any sort of taxes or fees. Avoid any sort of complicated payment that isn’t verifiable and reliable. 

You should also take a hard look at their profile and the messages they sent you to see if they are genuine or if it is fake. If the person looks too good to be true and seems off when you ask them questions or talk to them, they may be fake and trying to scam you. 

As a rule of thumb, never send money or sensitive personal information.