What are Russian women attracted to?

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When you compare the values of western women to Russian women you can see that there are some stark differences. Of course, these points don’t apply to every Russian woman and especially the younger generations that aren’t as focused on traditional values.

Nevertheless, here are some general differences between the two groups to help give you some context on what Russian women are attracted to:  

The differences between western values and Russian values for dating and gender roles

  • Traditional values – there’s no way to really overstate the value of traditional ideas and approaches in Russian dating and gender expectations. It is one of the major differences in courtship between men and women of the West and Russia. The West tends to take a different approach, where dating can be more complex, and both men and women adopt unique avenues of courting one another. If you are from the West and are looking to date a Russian woman, then adopting your approach to fit this mentality will go a long way for helping you successfully match and date.
  • High standards for men – Russian women tend to judge a book by its cover, as the saying goes. This means that they genuinely prefer men who are strong, conventionally masculine and clearly have a bit of wealth. Specifically, they prefer ruggedly handsome men who are fit and well dressed.
  • Expectations of how they are seen – many Russian women, especially in their late 20’s and older range, see themselves as the object of male desire and in turn want to be spoiled. This means they expect lavish gifts, fine-dining, and chivalry on the men’s end.

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The values and preferences of Russian women when it comes to dating

Russian women are attracted to many of the same things that many women around the world are, with some notable differences. The primary element that stands out is that many Russian women are attracted to tradition: men who are conventionally masculine.

Russian dating sites encourage you to emphasize the types of values and preferences that Russian women tend to find attractive. This includes emphasizing your good looks, showing that you have a direction in life and intend to be successful, and that you know that actions speak louder than words.

Of course, it is important to show that you are someone who knows how to treat a woman well. This is more than just being gentlemanly, although that is important. You might have to woo her with gifts and show that you have the money to spend on making her happy.

But just knowing what Russian women are attracted to won’t necessarily get you a date with a Russian woman. To help increase your odds, we discuss some of the differences between western and Russian values for dating context, and how you can improve your odds.

If you want to find out how you can know if a Russian woman will like you, then read on to learn more!

What you can do to attract Russian women

If you are new to dating Russian women, it may feel like you are entering a deep end of the pool. You may not exhibit all the traits that a Russian woman will find attractive. To help you overcome any shortcomings you may have, here are three primary ways to give yourself better odds:

  • Put more effort into your looks – especially for when you present yourself online, but in general as well, it is invaluable that you dress well and put some effort into looking good. This means getting into shape, letting your beard grow out, and upscaling your clothing. You should also make sure it is clear that you are either successful or that you are on course to be successful.
  • Expand your knowledge of Russian culture – showing that you are interested in her culture demonstrates that you are looking for more than something physical with her. It will show that you are receptive to her interests and that you are open to traveling if she wants to.
  • Be confident but not arrogant – be a man of action rather than someone who boasts without backing their ideas up. Nobody likes a braggart, but a man who can calmly carry himself with confidence and respect without rubbing it in the face of others is very appealing. Put effort into learning how to do this.

Take the time to do some self-improvement and become the kind of man that Russian women would find attractive.