Birmingham dating: where to start

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How can you get started with Birmingham dating? Do you live in Birmingham? It certainly is a large, diverse city; full of thousands of people from all walks of life. It can be an exciting place to live and work!

But what if you’re alone in this dynamic city? That doesn’t sound like much fun. A city like Birmingham is best enjoyed when you have someone to share it with.

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If you’re looking to meet other singles, you’re not alone. But how many singles are there in Birmingham? How many single men versus women are there? How do these statistics affect Birmingham dating?

If you’re a single woman moving to Birmingham, you’re going to find it a bit tough as women outnumber men. Out of 350,000 singles, that’s a good deal of competition!

Birmingham dating: how to meet people in Birmingham

Online dating is more popular than ever. Nearly every city big and small has people searching for soul mates, or even casual encounters for some fun. And larger cities like Birmingham have dedicated sites just for residents there, such as birminghamdatinsite. But it can be difficult to search through hundreds of potential matches over multiple websites. 

How can you simplify your search for Birmingham singles? Fortunately, Britneytoyphotography can help. We compare dating services such as apps and websites, to help you decide which option is best for what you’re looking for. There are also many guides to help you in your search for love.

Britneytoyphotography compares popular sites like elitesingles and eharmony and helps you find your ideal partner. It can search for singles by category such as over 50 dating, dating for single parents, dating for professionals, LGBT dating, even dating for plus sizes.

Here are some recommendations:

Events for Birmingham singles

There are many events for Birmingham singles such as speed dating, Valentine’s speed dating, and even marriage events! Some of these events are held at local bars or pubs, while others are held at hotel ballrooms. Entry prices can vary greatly and tickets are usually required. 

Finding the right balance between online dating and meeting new people at events is a great way to improve your dating experience.

Is Birmingham a good city for dating?

Even if you do get a date, what are some fun things to do with your special someone? If it’s a first date, something simple and inexpensive may be best. Take your date to a pub, then a nice dinner, and maybe a walk through the park. 

Since every date you get from a dating app is a blind date, make sure you and your date go to a safe place. Make sure a friend or relative knows where you are and when you’ll be home.

birmingham dating city centre

Things to know before entering the Birmingham dating scene

Before you date a brummy, keep the following in Birmingham dating tips mind:

  • Be honest: out of all cities in the US, Birmingham is the most honest about themselves when dating. They won’t appreciate any white lies you tell about yourself 
  • Don’t mention peaky blinders, or your date may roll their eyes
  • Be ready to talk and laugh—there is little a brummie appreciates more than humour.
  • Open up about commitment. Most singles here are looking for a life-long partner.
  • Don’t be surprised if your date wants to go on a group activity for a first date to get to know you while having fun!


Using the right app for Birmingham dating is a must when looking for Birmingham singles! Give Britneytoyphotography suggestions a try and see who you can find for a date in Birmingham. Here’s wishing you luck in your search for love!