A comprehensive guide to dating in Edinburgh

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Meeting eligible singles can be a fun, exciting experience, but putting yourself out there and being vulnerable can make some people uncomfortable. The reality of dating in Edinburgh, according to the official city website, is that 39% of all households in Edinburgh comprise a single person. 

While that statistic may be sobering, it’s also an opportunity. With so many singles in Edinburgh, your soulmate could be just around the corner.

Dating in Edinburgh: How do I meet new people in Edinburgh?

Taking the first step with dating in Edinburgh can be nerve-wracking. With a little time and a dash of courage, it is easy to start meeting new people, through dating apps and in-person.

Best dating apps in Edinburgh

  1. Match US 
  2. Coffee Meets Bagel 
  3. Jigsaw 

Edinburgh dating events: Where do singles meet?

Sometimes picking a dating in Edinburgh event seems impossible. Often, individuals will meet other compatible partners through social clubs and public engagements. 

Single events in Edinburgh

  1. Join Gentle Jaunts 
  2. Participate in Edinburgh Walks & Random Events 
  3. Sign up for the Sunday Brunch Club

Speed dating events in Edinburgh

  1. Ditch or Date 
  2. Original Dating 
  3. Speed Dater 

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Is dating in Edinburgh hard?

Dating in Edinburgh is not necessarily harder than in other places, but it is different. You will need to keep an open mind and adjust to the culture and customs of the Scots, or you may face difficulties meeting new people.  

Unspoken rules and guidelines for dating in Edinburgh

For a great experience when dating in Edinburgh, it’s best to follow these tips for singles. 

  • Prepare to meet your date’s friends early on. Do not expect a single one-on-one date on day one since Edinburgh dating often revolves around group outings or meeting in a pub.
  • Dunediners will often have a favorite pub, chip shop, or hangout. Get to know your date by having them show you their top destinations for food, drink, and more. 
  • Prepare yourself for many wild nights out on the town with your date. Edinburgh locals are incredibly social and love to party, which can also lead to the dreaded hangover if you are not careful about hydrating the night before. 
  • You will probably meet the parents early. Dunediners are close with their family, and hanging out with parents and siblings is generally the norm. Meeting the family does not imply that you’re heading for a marriage proposal, so you do not have to panic just yet. 

Dating in Edinburgh: Final words 

Edinburgh is a genuinely magnificent city filled with personality. Commit to start putting yourself out there and meeting new people. Right now is a great time to start dating in Edinburgh and enjoying your life on a whole new level.